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Solar Guy is a freelance Engineer / Consultant who offers engineering services to design and build your solar PV project. If you have a solar panel project in mind and need help of an engineer to check the feasibility of it, design it and build it, this is the guy that you should contact.

This is an Engineering Service that comes under Eagle Energy Solutions (Pvt)Ltd. 

Who is solar guy?

My real name is Madusha. I’m a professional solar PV design engineer with more than 6 years of hands on experience in this field. I have a degree in electronic engineering and I’ve been designing solar PV systems since 2013. I was working as a full time solar PV design engineer in a reputed company and then in 2020, I started my own company for renewable energy consultancy. 

I started my career with small scale domestic solar PV projects and later on moved on to design large scale commercial / utility scale projects. Up to now I have designed, implemented and commissioned many projects. Every project I design is a different experience for me that I learn something new out of it. Over the past few years in this field, I’ve worked with many solar panel brands, inverters and accessories. Also gained experience working with both local and foreign clients. Moreover, my career life has got improved by participating many workshops and training sessions. I’m familiar with all major design software used in this field. 

So, with my extensive knowledge and experience I can offer you following services:

1. Preliminary solar PV design using Helioscope

2. Payback calculations

3. Complete solar panel layouts using AutoCAD

4. Electrical single line diagrams

5. String sizing, inverter and cable selections

6. Preparation of bill of materials

7. Preparing generation data using PVsyst

8. 3D drawings using Sketchup

Take a look at the services section for more details.

This is not only a place where you can buy a service from me. This is a place where I share my knowledge, experiences and research works with everyone. These will be published in blog section. I believe anyone interested in this field will find them useful.

Why you must hire me?

Solar PV project is an interesting investment because you are making money out of sun. More sunshine you catch means more energy. And more energy means more money you make. So, for this you should have a proper engineering design to get most out of the sun. And I’m here to do this engineering part for you.

What if the solar panels and inverters you choose fail in about 10 years? Or they don’t produce enough energy as expected? 

What if you have found yourself the best location with more sunshine but you are not making enough money? 

These are the questions that you must ask yourself before going ahead with your project. You should be thinking 25 years ahead into the future. These are projects that you spend thousands or millions of your money. So, you should be putting this money in to a properly engineered project. This is where my expertise comes in to play to guide you for the best engineering design. So, hire me..! 


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