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Can I get an Invioce for my payments?

Yes. You can.

Can I pay you through Paypal?

No. Payments through Paypal is not activated for the moment. But you can make payments through and which I’m currently registered with.

Can you handle a total project from start to commissioning?

Yes. Please contact me separately with relevant details.

Can you offer me a service other than what is given in this website?

Yes. May be I can. Please contact me separately.

How can I make payments?

I’m registered with 2 trusted and well known online payment services called and You can simply pay me by using your Credit/Debit card. You will receive an official payment request to your email through my payment service when doing a payment. You will also receive an invoice from me for each payment you make.


How long do you take to deliver my work?

Delivery time actually depends on from service to service and project capacity. A delivery date will be given after you confirm the order. I do my best to deliver your work before the given date.

What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are 50% advance for confirming your order and final 50% after the work delivery.

What are the prices for your services?

Specific prices for each service are not given in this website other than the minimum amount. This is because exact price depends on the project capacity and the time I take to complete it. So, please contact me describing your design. Then I can offer you a price for your work. All prices are given in US dollars.

Contact me for a quote

If you are interested in my services please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to help you design your project.

    You can also reach me through my email-

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